Mar 252009

Welcome to the kick-off for CashFlowABC, where we teach you the ABC’s of cash flow. 

CashFlowABC will be a bi-weekly podcast covering all avenues to improve your cash flow.  We will be looking at how you manage inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, your supply chain, lean principles, kaizen events and more.

Most importantly, we need your input.  There will be at least one blog post for each podcast with the show notes and we need you to post your questions as comments to the post so that we can follow up.  Also, if you have insight into someone else’s issue, please post your response – this is a community.  It’s important that you post your questions because this is about solving your issues, not us talking about our problems.

This podcast & blog are by John Leonard and David Dahl– to see their bio’s click on their names either here or at the top of the page.

The podcast will cover administrative areas such as accounts payable and accounts receivable and demonstrate how they impact your cash flow, as well as operational areas such as supply chain management, continuous improvement, and lean.

We will discuss methods for controlling excess inventory and improving out-of-control A/R in the first couple of episodes, and in all cases we will use real-world examples of solutions that have working in Fortune 50 companies as well as small businesses.

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