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David Dahl CPIM – Inventory Control Supervisor with a worldwide retailer.


Since his youth David has been involved in supply chain.  He began at the bottom level as a driver and has worked his way up to Supply Chain Manager for a multinational manufacturing firm and has been at every level in between.  He has reduced inventory levels and increased annual inventory turns from 1 to 24 while maintaining customer fill rates in excess of 98%.  He has organized supply chains and has worked with firms in Canada, Mexico, China, Vietnam and Indonesia.  He has reduced physical inventory cycle times from 30 days to 8 hours and has managed cycle count and physical inventories in over 30 warehouses and manufacturing sites. 


David has worked in manufacturing, retail, warehousing & logistics and import & export.  He has been intimately involved in all aspects of supply chain from forecasting and planning to process improvement.  He is well trained and certified in Lean manufacturing processes and holds to the axiom of review, preparation, execution and repeat.


David is certified by California State University Dominguez Hills in Production and Inventory Control, Retail Industry Leaders Association in Retail Supply Chain Management and by APICS in Production and Inventory Management.

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