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John Leonard – CFO of a southern California manufacturer.

With more than twenty years experience in accounting & finance, covering a several companies, John has been in manufacturing, distribution, retail, transportation and financial services industries. He has seen companies with less than one inventory turn (enough inventory to last more than a year) as well as greater than 24 turns (less than two weeks worth of inventory). He has been in situations with over 120 days in Accounts Receivable (four months worth of sales) and has been in organizations where there was Hell to pay if Accounts Receivable was less than 93% under 30 days.

John has been in organizations where a larger parent company manages all of the cash and has been in the position of looking between the seat cushions for change to make payroll. He prefers the former.

John has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting and graduated with honors from Biola University with a Masters of Business Administration.

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