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The Gold Package includes the Understanding Cash Flow e-book with excel based examples, Pro-Forma/Budgeting Financials, the Financial Analysis Templates linked and integrated into one file, AND The A/R Management Bundle, including the analysis & graphs, sample credit policy, and sample credit application!

Understanding Cash Flow:  The objective of the E-book is to help the reader understand the Statement of Cash Flows and, if desired, to be able to create one for their organization.  I’ve taken a lot of accounting courses and the Statement of Cash Flows was consistently the most difficult and, consequently, misunderstood subject in every class. It wasn’t until I actually had to manage my cash in the real business world that I really understood the process. This is because in school we learned the mechanics of creating one, but didn’t really understand the “why” of what we were doing. In the end, I want you to be able to say that you understand, not only the mechanics, but the reasons for doing them the way they are done. 

Includes excel file with linked and diagramed Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow.

Pro-Forma Financials are necessary for virtually every business. This is a full set of 5 year Pro Forma Monthly and annual Financial Statements; including Balance Sheets, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement.  Easy to enter data section require only basic Excel skills.. The file comes complete with sample data, simply replace your with your own data and delete as needed.  Combined with the Financial Analysis Templates for a complete financial package!

Easily compare ratios and statistics across multiple years and to compare year-to year changes.  Includes explanations  and definitions of the formulae, ratios and statistics.  Includes current ratio, working capital ratio, A/R an inventory turns, ROS, DSO, and DPO!’s AR Bundle includes an AR analysis spreadsheet, a sample credit policy, and a credit application template. These were developed over more than twenty years in analysis and management of Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collections.  These are real-world tools for real-world environments to help you build world-class functions.

Analysis Spreadsheet
The spreadsheet is set up to accommodate five years worth of data, but is can be easily modified to take any number of periods.  Includes a Year-Over-Year (YOY) analysis comparing months over multiple years and five different graphs to illustrate trends in both dollars and percentages comparing both linear trends and YOY trends.

Credit Application
A complete, ready to use credit application.  Just plug in your company name, and logo if you wish, and use.

Credit Policy
Sample credit policy to help you implement a strong and controlled credit function.  Plug in your company name, and logo if you wish, modify the approval levels to match your environment and use.

All Four items individually are a $60 value.  Get all four at the package price of $49.95 with the financial and analysis spreadsheets integrated & linked as an added bonus!

Buy the Gold Package Now

Buy the Gold Package Now

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