A/R Management Bundle


InstantController.com’s AR Bundle includes an AR analysis spreadsheet, a sample credit policy, and a credit application template.

Of all the things Controller can put on a resume, high performance in managing working capital is paramount. I’ve been four different flavors of Controller and two of CFO and each time coming in to the situation one of the first questions was, “What are you going to do about Accounts Receivable?

All companies want their AR to turn quickly and keep DSO’s down. To do this you need to build strong functions to support the effort and you need effective measurements to track how well you’re performing. These files will save your organization hundreds of dollars in spreadsheet and form development and refinement. These were developed over more than twenty years in analysis and management of Accounts Receivable, Credit and Collections. These are real-world tools for real-world environments to help you build world-class functions.

Analysis Spreadsheet
The spreadsheet is set up to accommodate five years worth of data, but is can be easily modified to take any number of periods.
Includes a Year-Over-Year (YOY) analysis comparing months over multiple years and five different graphs to illustrate trends in both dollars and percentages comparing both linear trends and YOY trends.

Credit Application
A complete, ready to use credit application with personal guarantee. Just plug in your company name, and logo if you wish, and use.

Credit Policy
Sample credit policy to help you implement a strong and controlled credit function. Plug in your company name, and logo if you wish, modify the approval levels to match your environment and use.


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